Fantasy and Creature Art


Where do you get your ideas?
All over the place really. I am often inspired by nature. Anytime I go to the zoo I am filled up with ideas for weeks, and tend to take a ton of photos. Movement, color, shape, it is all just bits of things that should be painted. Often moods emotions and strange dreams will take form in my art as well.

Do you sell your originals?
Yes, go take a look in the gallery and email me with your interest, or take a look at my Etsy over here email is

I don’t have paypal, can I still buy art?
Most certainly! I take checks, money orders, and cashiers checks, just send me an e-mail and we can work out the details.

Are you currently taking commission?
I most certainly am. Let me know what you are interested in via e-mail and we can talk about it.

What do your commissions cost?
My hourly rate starts at $45/hour depending on complexity of the piece and the media, as well as the usage and rights you are looking for. Please e-mail for more information and to get a quote tailored to your project.

Can I use your art on my webpage?
Email with your interest and we can discuss it.

Can I use your art to make tubes/tags/signatures/stationary etc? I’m with a graphics group?

Apologies but no.

Do you ever work digitally? If so what do you use?
I rarely work digitally but if I do I use photoshop.

Do you have any advice or tips for an artist starting out?

Sure. Do art. EVERY DAY. If you think you are the best out there you’re wrong. But if you think you are getting better you are probably right. Always make time for art every day. At least sketch, you can do that at breakfast, after dinner, skip the tv, or just leave it on as background noise, it is important. And draw from life, it may be boring but you get better at everything if you draw from life. Anything else? Feel free to e-mail me, I’d be happy to help.

What media do you work in?

Most of my work these days is watercolor, either on Arches rough watercolor paper or on cold pressed Illustration board. I have yet to do watercolor on anything else and still like it. Granted I will probably find a new and wonderful surface to play with tomorrow, but right now, these are my favorites. If it isn’t watercolor, I like to use ink on hot pressed board, and anything else I just play with. Anything can be my art supplies, old origami sheets and charcoal is something I have been pondering recently…

Did you go to art school?
If you mean did I go to college for art, then yes. I graduated from Texas A&M University – Commerce with a degree in Illustration. If you mean did I go to a college that is dedicated strictly to the arts, then no. Couldn’t afford all that.

Should I go to art school?
Here is my in retrospect opinion. I learned a lot from college. It helped me a LOT. I probably would have been helped even more by a specifically art directed college. The caveat to this is I don’t think it is strictly necessary, but man, you sure learn a lot from your professors, and they can help you avoid the mistakes they made!

Any sites that I NEED to be aware of to post art on/most beneficial to you?

I post actively on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Twitter can be useful but requires a lot of dedication and maintenance. It is better to have one or two sites that you concentrate hard on than fifty sites that you are barely aware exist. Want to know what other sites I check regularly? Check the ‘links’ section of this site.

How do you find out about where/when cons are?
Mostly word of mouth. Which generally means I may miss them the first time around, but catch them later. If you hear of a cool con you think I should go to let me know. Depending on distance and size will depend on my likelihood to attend.

Best advice you ever received?
Same thing I gave out earlier. You have to draw EVERY DAY. There is no way to say this too often. And to draw from life. My figure drawing instructor, the crazy talented Michael Mentler reiterates this every lesson.

Worst advice you ever received?
To do anything for free because it would get your name out there. If you really believe in a cause and want to donate your time and art, that is one thing, but doing it just because it will ‘get your name out there’ is a ploy of the lowest sort. You don’t ask your doctor or your plumber to do work for free, as it will get their name out there, why would people ask it of an artist?