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The Wise One

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One of the biggest pieces I have worked on in a long time. 12″x48″ watercolor on gessoed/prepped deep cradled hardboard panel. This thing makes a heckuvan impression when you come up to it, as big as it is (for watercolor) and the fact that it has a few things in it that just don’t translate to scans. Each and every scale is raised on the edges so when lit right the all catch the edges of the light wonderfully. There is interference paint on the eyes, the orbs, and bits of whiskers and white scales that depending on the angle of the viewer will flash different colors. The entire dragon is raised at least one thick paper sheet from the hardboard panel and adhered to it, to give more depth. And the gold paint it (as to be expected) pretty flashy, depending on the lighting situation depends on whether it stands out or dims back.
p.s. for an idea of scale, check out the in-progress shot on my tumblr..

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