Fantasy and Creature Art

The SunBeare

African Wild Dog sun god done in a tribalized style with gold acrylic sun painted by Laura Garabedian

Commissioned Sun-God for Utunu, which was an absolute blast to paint.

Below is an excerpt that Utunu wrote to go with this piece
“Jua, chuckling in defeat, stopped his pursuit as he laid down his burden and sat back upon his haunches. It was Mwezi’s time now, after all – the night was her domain. He watched, smiling, as she ran nimbly to and fro amongst the stars, finding purchase where he could not, until all Jua could make out was the shining white of her tail as it dipped and waved with her movements. His courtship temporarily thwarted, Jua continued to gaze at his lover as she gradually made her way across that black expanse; Mwezi would wait until night had fled before secreting herself somewhere in the hopes Jua might not find her with the arrival of morning. It was a game they played, she and he, and Jua welcomed the challenge.
Jua had caught her before, of course; sometimes he found her, sometimes she let herself be found. But he fondly remembered that last time – he had come upon her hiding place and tackled her as she leapt forth. He had set his burden down, darkening the sky with its loss, and held her as she laughed and wriggled in a futile attempt to escape. He had mounted her then, with all the land and sky as witness to their union. It was all over too quickly however, and their brief tie had ended as Mwezi had scampered off and Jua, alone once more, had leant over to pick up his burden so that he might warm and brighten the land once more for his people.
It was a rare occurrence, certainly; perhaps only once in a generation would his people view their coupling. But Jua was not saddened or discouraged. His ardor was heightened by his reminiscence and, as the stars around him began to fade with night’s ending, he bent down to pick up the sun. Cradling it protectively to his chest with its flames playing across his body, Jua resumed his never-ending chase.

The eclipse is a time of great celebration for Utunu’s tribe. It is a time of new beginnings, and they rejoice that Jua and Mwezi are together, even if it is but for a short time.”

As always, prints/magnet/mugs/stickers available
Watercolor, Ink, and Acrylic 9″x12″
©2014 Laura Garabedian